SO I haven’t seen anyone post this yet and I thought it was just too useful not to share….

3D Interactive Skeleton Reference!

Brought to you by!

No more looking endlessly for hundreds of refs! Well…you should still look for several refs but at least this should clear up any sort of issues you may have when drawing a skeleton from a strange angle, or can’t quite see that scapula.

Basically, this reference is totally 3D rendered from a very average looking specimen. Each joint has a horizontal and vertical axis to be moved on, so you can endlessly pose your skeleton.  You can also zoom and change the angle giving you all the impossible angles you thought you’d never be able to see. HOW FUN! There is also a neat “cut away” feature which will slice your skeleton at various angles, neat for drawing busted up skeletons, or seeing the inside of the skull.

or put your skeleton in excruciating pain

Anyway, have fun with it!

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